First Air Flight in Nevada (June 23, 1910)

Carson City
  39.19443, -119.77563

"Not surprising. The Raycroft Ranch area has been something of Nevada's Big Dig for decades. A proposed shopping center, then a series of condos and apartments ... then a golf course. What's next? Not another historical marker that's for sure. Missing marker number 2 now. Lovely ..." -- Journal Entry, June 2007

According the State Marker System, the location for this marker reads as follows ...
"Located along U.S. 395, three miles north of Carson City."
Today, this marker is currently missing.

Original Date Visited: 7/7/07. Last confirmed 12/28/2010

Signed: A sign still exists for this marker on the southbound lane of N. Carson Street just past Medical Parkway!

Currently Missing -- Last Seen: December 28, 2010
What wonderful text! Too bad you can only read it here and not in person. This one is so far gone that us hunters believe it'll never be shown the light of day again. Of all the MIAs, this is one of the oldest MIAs in the system and strangely, nobody knows what happened to it even though it's been gone for close to a decade! I drive by this location nearly everyday and know for a fact that there is no marker here. The disappearance of this marker is likely due to the now-defunct off-and-on construction that took place in the area in the late 1990s; the only result of this construction is the newly-renovated golf course in north Carson City. This case gets even more depressing because there is still evidence of this marker once being here evident mostly by the sign that still stands on the southbound side of N. Carson Street. NDOT AND the SHPO both know about this marker, but nothing has been done to take replace it, even after such an extended period of time.

UPDATE (November 2010)
I was recently contacted by Carson City local Carol Hohn, who asked specifically about this marker. It turns out that the Hohn family have been pushing to replace [179] First Air Flight ever since its disappearance many years ago with many failed attempts. To my surprise, on October 26, 2010, the Nevada Appeal ran an article about this marker and its relation to the Hohn Family! The Appeal had interviewed Carol Hohn -- the daughter of the woman who pushed to have the marker erected in the late 1980s! [179] stands as a testament not only to Nevada's first air flight, but also as a testament to the hard work her mother put forth to get the marker installed. Carol also recalled bluntly that [179] used to stand alongside N. Carson Street, but fell victim to the bulldozer about nine years ago when plans commenced the building of a K-Mart near the present Glen Eagles Restaurant. After the plans for the store were scrapped, the marker was never replaced, and instead "lied on its back for weeks and weeks in the empty field." If so, why didn't anybody pick it up?

UPDATE! (December 2010)
Just after the Hohn article ran, the Nevada Appeal ran another article titled, "Three MIAs were found in Carson City." This article, posted December 29, 2010, revealed the whereabouts of three MIAs that've been missing for the past decade. Needless to say, the debut of this article has sparked some commotion around Carson City. Like myself, many area locals are ecstatic that these MIA's have been found, after a long decade's worth of wasted time and frustration! You can imagine my surprise when I received a batch of photos by avid marker hunter, Dave Morris. Before the markers were carted away to a "safe location" on December 28, 2010, he obtained these rare images for us to see. I, and every other marker hunter, thank you for these shots, Dave!

Until this marker is back in action, the only shots we'll ever get of [179] can be seen below. Notice the MINT condition of this plaque! Dave found these markers covered in snow and road grime. A rat had made its nest underneath [181] Washo Indians, another long-lost state MIA. Our historic markers deserve better than this ...

These contractors (likely hired by NDOT) were ordered to cart away our three MIAs to an undisclosed location for repairs. The good news is that both the plaques and marker bodies are in excellent condition, saving the SHPO an estimated $1,100 each in replacement costs!
All photos (c) Dave Morris.

Now, is it only a matter of time before [179] and his brethren are back in action? Only time will tell. State sub-contractors are too at the mercy of funding and manpower. Until I see this marker placed on N. Carson Street, [179] will unfortunately remain under MIA status. Us marker hunters may be able to sleep a little better, though, knowing that this fine symbol promoting Nevada's First Air Flight, was found and is now in safe hands.

Many thanks go to Dave Morris for finding these markers! Perhaps more importantly, thank you for allowing all of us to see your findings through these photographs!

  • This missing marker was found buried in 2010 in an NDOT maintenance yard
  • This missing marker was found buried in 2010 in an NDOT maintenance yard

Exact Description:
The first air flight in Nevada took place on the old Raycraft Ranch immediately to the west. The flight was of national interest not only because an air journey had never before been made at such an altitude (4,675 feet), but also because Ivy Baldwin, a nationally known parachutist and balloonist, would make the flight.

This was a trial flight, as stipulated by the Sagebrush Carnival Committee of Carson City. It was followed by exhibition flights on July 3, 4 and 5 at the Carson City racetrack.

Baldwin made the flight in a 48-horsepower Curtis Paulham biplane, reaching a height of 50 feet and covering one-half mile before returning to the starting point.

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