Camp Nye

Carson City
  39.16223, -119.79454

"A land of canyons! Kings Canyon ... Ash Canyon ... Vicee Canyon -- all visible from the marker. And it's easy to see how the mountains created a formidable barrier and backdrop to the old military post. Instead of cavalrymen and the ubiquitous rancher, these canyons now provide a backdrop to some of Carson's most expensive houses and the residents that live in them ..." -- Journal Entry, June 2007

Along Kings Canyon Road, 2.3 miles west of King Street -- Carson City
* Find this one on the westbound shoulder of the road just past Longview Way *

Original Date Visited: 6/15/07

Signed: No

Notes: Here is another odd placement courtesy of the SHPO. Although the Office's intentions were genuine anywhere along Longview Way would've been a much better (and safer) location for this one. As it stands this marker is set at a sharp road bend with no parking or shoulder of any kind to speak of for marker viewing. Instead, viewers must hurriedly cross Kings Canyon Road at this road bend making for quite a dangerous scenario. My recommendation is to park at the dirt turnout just south of the marker and walk a few hundred yards north. [235] was recently repainted in celebration of "150th Battle Born" as evident by the new plaque!

  • [235] Marker 235 in the hills of Carson City
  • [235] Marker 235 plaque
  • [235] Now suburbia was once the site of a major fort in an unexplored territory
  • [235] Marker 235 and the mighty Carson Range
  • [235] Marker 235 plaque

Exact Description:
Established one-half mile to the north in October of 1864, Camp Nye served as the home base for the men of companies "D" and "E" 1st Nevada Volunteer Cavalry. During the Civil War troopers from Camp Nye took an active part in protecting settlers from Indian attacks and company "D" suffered the only two combat deaths incurred by Nevada units during the war in a battle at Table Mountain in the Tuscarora Range in Elko County on May 20, 1865. Camp Nye was deactivated in August of 1865 and man and nature have obliterated all vestiges of the barracks, stables and other facilities.

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