Bliss Mansion

Carson City
  39.16723, -119.77209

"This section of Carson City, with its towering shade trees, narrow streets, red-bellied robins, feeding mule deer, and a world of green away from the main drag, is quite unlike anything in Nevada. Let's be honest: it's easy to picture a bit of New England in here. Then there's the Bliss Mansion. If it wasn't for the Nevada license plate parked on the curbside, I could almost begin picturing Maine lobster, the port of calling, and a manicured town green. Green. That's not a word to be used lightly in these parts." -- Journal Entry, June 2007

NW corner of Elizabeth & Robinson Sts -- Carson City
* Find this exactly one block south of [259] -- The Governor's Mansion *

Original Date Visited: 6/5/07

Signed: No

  • The vibrant green setting of Marker 70 in the historic district of Carson City
  • Marker 70 plaque

Exact Description:
The Bliss Mansion. Built by Duane L. Bliss, Lumber & Railroad Magnate -- 1879. In its time the most modern & largest home in Nevada. Entirely constructed of clear lumber & square nails. First home in Nevada entirely piped for gas lighting.

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