Methodist Church of Carson City

Carson City
  39.16466, -119.76969

"Speaking of churches there is a statistic in Nevada ... truth as day ... and since I have some time to kill, here goes! For every ten saloons or bars in Nevada, there is only one church. Yep. Church pew or bar stool anyone? If this doesn't prove that Nevada is still in a wild west mentality, I don't know what will. #71 conquered." -- Journal Entry, June 2007

NW corner of Division and Musser Sts -- Carson City
* Find this one at the front door to the Methodist Church *

Original Date Visited: 6/5/07

Signed: No

Marker History
[71] began as a Standard (Mini) sized marker that was mounted to a single post on the southeast grounds of the church making it highly visible by passing cars and pedestrians on Division Street. Landscapers grew tired of trying to mow around it and requested to have it moved, but it had to wait awhile for its rebirth and was eventually replaced with a single plaque. In fact this was the third of these plaques ever placed by the SHPO and quickly led the way into making more plaques in this type. Spotting this one from Division is tricky, but spotting the church itself is no problem. Was the original Standard (Mini) was a much better option?

  • Marker 71
  • This marker represents the first parish in Nevada

Exact Description:
Dedicated in 1867, this church serves a congregation that was organized in 1859 and is often referred to as the "Cradle of Nevada Methodism." Like many other buildings in Carson City, the stone used in its construction was quarried at the nearby State Prison. Reverend Warren Nims (Pastor 1863-1866) was responsible for much of the original construction. Altered extensively over the years, the structure with its octagonal porch posts and pointed-arch windows is still an excellent local example of the Gothic Revival style.

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