Nevada State Children's Home

Carson City
  39.16001, -119.76439

"This unassuming little marker tells a great story. Too bad nobody seems interested. It isn't the placement. This section along Stewart just seems to be ripped by and there isn't a whole we can do about it. All we can do is hope people ... like certain wiry, history-seeking geeks like me, will stop to read it." -- Journey Entry, June 2007

Along Stewart Street at the YMCA building -- Carson City
* Find this one at the corner of 7th and Stewart Sts. *

Original Date Visited: 6/10/07

Signed: No

  • Marker 72
  • Now the Nevada YMCA Building, today nothing remains of the former Children Home

Exact Description:
The Nevada Orphans' Asylum, a privately funded institution, was opened in Virginia City May 1867 by Sister Frederica Migrath and two other nuns of the Sisters of Charity. By 1870, most of its functions were taken over by the Nevada Orphans' Home at Carson City. Authorized in 1869, by the legislature and constructed on this site, the first child was admitted October 28, 1870.

In 1903, the first building gave way to a larger one, constructed of sandstone from the State Prison Quarry east of Carson City. This edifice, a Carson City landmark, served until 1963 as Nevada's home for dependant and neglected children. In the 1940's, its name was changed to the Nevada State Children's Home. During the 1950's, the name "Sunny Acres" was also used.

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