Eagle Valley


Eagle Valley

Carson City
  39.12482, -119.76755

"Okay, I can think of a number of much better places that better represent the great Eagle Valley. An urban park on the outskirts of Carson City ... is not one of them! Why not the Nevada State Railroad Museum? ... Or any of the nice vantage points along US 50 coming from Mound House? Even better, what about along Rifle Range Road overlooking ACTUAL Eagle Valley? Even the college would be a better location simply because we get a VIEW of Eagle Valley! Sorry but, a patch of green grass with some see-saws and a sandbox just doesn't do it for me. Whatever. #76 conquered -- moving onto #77. Hopefully this one (Dat-So-La-Lee) is much better." -- Journal Entry, June 2007

NE corner of Oak Street and Snyder Ave (Ross Gold Park) -- Carson City
* Find this one 1/2 mile east of US 50/395 (Carson Street) *

Original Date Visited: 6/22/07

Signed: Both lanes of Snyder Ave (SR 518)

  • Marker 76
  • Marker 76

Exact Description:
Centrally located between the first Nevada settlement at Genoa and precious metal deposits of the Comstock Lode, Eagle Valley, site of present Carson City, was a vital link in land communications.

One of the key California Emigrant Routes, the Carson branch of the California Emigrant Trail, crossing the Sierra Nevada at Kit Carson Pass, came through Eagle Valley roughly along Sage Drive, a block east of this point.

The first Overland Telegraph, colloquially known as "Bee's Grapevine", from F.A. Bee, its builder, was completed from Placerville to Carson City in 1859. In this area, it followed what is now Highway U.S. 395. The Pony Express (1860-1861) and the Butterfield-Wells-Fargo Overland Stages (1862-1868) followed the same route.

The Virginia & Truckee Railway in its extension to Carson Valley and Minden in 1906 used the route of Biglow Drive six blocks east.

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