Dat So La Lee

Carson City
  39.11833, -119.75522

"The sign is incredibly hard to spot ... On the eastbound lane of Snyder Ave at a very confusing placement! It's easy to mistake [91] Stewart Indian School for [77] thanks to the sign's awkward placement." -- Journal Entry, June 2007

At the Stewart Cemetery, Bigelow Drive and Snyder Ave -- Carson City

Original Date Visited: 6/22/07

Signed: Eastbound lane of Snyder Ave. This confusing sign was placed just before Marker 91.

Here's a Toughie, but Goodie!

Don't expect to find this one on a first attempt. In fact there's a good possibility you'll acccidentally happen across it during your conquering of [91]. Although this marker is located off of Snyder Ave, the average person will probably miss it from the road. Look for a tall flagpole to the left of Snyder Ave; this location will be off of a poorly paved road, Bigelow Drive, directly in front of the Stewart Indian School. Cross a short dirt track to access the Stewart Cemetery. You can thank me later.

  • Hidden Marker 77 in South Carson City.  Dont expect to find one on a first attempt.
  • The gravesite of the famous Washoe basketmaker, Dat-So-La-Lee

Exact Description:
"Myriads of stars shine over the graves of our ancestors." Dat-So-La-Lee had seen some 96 winters, mostly in the Carson Valley, when death came in 1925.

She was the last of those Washo weavers whose ancient art had been practiced by countless generations.

Gathering willow, fern and birch with the aid of her husband, she wove into her masterpieces the legends of her people and their love of nature. Her baskets are unsurpassed for artistic conception and symbolic importance.

She is buried in the adjoining cemetery, yet her memories and her visions are so woven into her baskets that she will live on to remind us of the history and unique tribal artistry of her people.

The legend herself. Marker 77 sums up the unique lifestyle of the Washoe people.

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