Oats Park School

Churchill County
  39.47345, -118.76869

"I'll admit. Pre-campaign I would've never expected such a modern building to be associated with any historical significance. Then again, who was Frederick Delongchamps? I'm sure I wasn't the one who had no idea. If anything, conquering these markers has taught me to never take any place or historical event for granted. Each and every one tells a different story. #263 conquered." -- Journal Entry, August 2007

At the front door to the Oats Park School (Oats Park) -- Fallon
* From Fallon's main intersection, head east on US 50, then south onto East Park Street to Oats Park. *

Original Date Visited: 8/1/07

Signed: No

  • Marker 263 at the front door of the Oats Park School
  • Marker 263 plaque
  • Marker 263

Exact Description:
The Oats Park School was designed in 1914 by Frederick J. DeLongchamps, Nevada's preeminent architect of the period. He was also responsible for the 1921 north and south wing additions. This building is one of his earliest, and perhaps, first, public school designs. The structure was placed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places in 1990 because of its importance in the history of local education and its architectural significance including the use of contrasting brick colors and attention to interior detail.

In 1995, the Churchill Arts Council began renovation of the facility for its use as a multi-discipline cultural center. Drawing on the building's legacy of serving the community, the Churchill Arts Council reopened the building as the Oats Park Art Center in February, 2003.

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