Kyle (Kiel) Ranch

Las Vegas & Clark County

"I had known about Kiel Ranch for some time now ... one of the last remaining pieces of pioneer Nevada left in the Las Vegas Valley. It's funny because when I arrived here, camera in hand, of course, I was immediately pursued by one a security guard in a golf cart. He glared at me with stern eyes barking out the question, "What are you doing?" It wasn't a friendly northern Nevada welcome that follows after you accidentally stumble into a rural saloon. This was met with a ultimatum-like stare, radio fastened in his other hand. "Kyle Ranch is one of most historic places in Nevada. Did you know that?," I replied. I went about my business as he half-ass stared at me from his golf cart making sure I wasn't a fiend as I snapped away pictures. Twenty minutes later, I left him with this remark ... "You should read up on its history some time." -- Journal Entry, March 2009

At the intersection of Carey Rd and Kiel Way, just east of Losee Rd. -- North Las Vegas

Original Date Visited: 3/15/09

Signed: No

Notes: The good news is the location for this one makes perfect sense, but the bad news is the location itself. The approach to [224] comes up fast and is impossible to spot if you're headed eastbound on Carey. Approach this marker by turning left from Losee Rd then look for "Kiel Ranch Business Park," the first complex on your right after Losee. Parking will be a problem though because the Business Park has since caught onto marker hunters and citations are common. Try to plan your visit here after business hours or during lunch hour when nobody really cares.

  • Clever placement by the SHPO!
  • Marker 224 plaque
  • Marker 223 in North Las Vegas.  The site of the Kiel Ranch is the open plot of land protected by the wrought iron fence.
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Exact Description:
Established by Conrad Kiel in 1875, this was one of the only two major ranches in Las Vegas Valley throughout the 19th century. The Kiel tenure was marked by violence. Neighboring rancher Archibald Stewart was killed in a gunfight here in 1884. Edwin and William Kiel were found murdered on the ranch in October 1900.

The San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad purchased the ranch in 1903 and later sold it to Las Vegas banker John S. Park, who built the elegant white mansion.

Subsequent owners included Edwin Taylor (1924-39), whose cowboy ranch hands competed in national rodeos, and Edwin Losee (1939-58), who developed the Boulderado Dude Ranch here, a popular residence for divorce seekers.

In the late 1950's, business declined and the ranch was sold. In 1976, 26 acres of the original ranch were purchased jointly by the City of North Las Vegas and its Bicentennial Committee as a historic project.

Yep. It really is that hard to spot!

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