Nevada's Birthplace (Replacement)

Douglas County
  38.996183, -119.779777

"The value of heritage at long last. Out of 2.6 million Nevadans, there's one person who knows the true story behind this old marker! This old girl has definitely seen her fair share of hardships." -- Journal Entry, August 2015

At junction of US 395 and SR 206, 3.7 miles east of Genoa, 4.5 miles north of Minden

Original Date Visited: 8/21/15

Signed: No

  • This replacement of Marker 12 was done in honor of Nevada
  • The oldest community in Nevada sits 3 miles in the background
  • The replacement for Marker 12 is  the first Stone replacement in over fifty years

Exact Description:
Carson Valley is the birthplace of Nevada. In 1850 a first settlement was made at Mormon Station, renamed Genoa in 1856. Here, in 1851, the first attempt to form a government was made. In 1861, Nevada's Territorial Government was established at Genoa.

Over the old road skirting the west bank of the Carson River thousands of immigrants moved southward to cross the Sierra, feeding their livestock on grass cut along the river. At Genoa, at Mottsville, settled in 1852; and at Sheridan, settled by Moses Job about 1854, they stopped to enjoy produce of the state's first gardens. Pony Express riders used this route in 1860, switching in 1861 to the shorter Dagget Trail, now Kingsbury Grade.

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