Douglas County
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"(#130). Let's praise another bout of horrible placement. I have no clue why the SHPO placed the marker here ... of all places, on the SIDEWALK in front of a modern motel. Why not the Douglas County park across the street, or at the entrance to the courthouse? Even the old Minden flour towers would be a more suitable location: somewhere more representative of Minden! Ridiculous." -- Journal Entry, August 2007

Along Main Street 395 at the Holiday Lodge -- Minden.
Find this one on the northbound side of the highway

Original Date Visited: 8/24/07

Signed: No

Notes: Once again you might need a second set of eyes to spot this little marker. The SHPO has made this one surprisingly hidden among the townscape. (Even after decades of driving through Minden/Gardnerville I noticed this one only a few years ago.) Like Gardnerville, traffic through Minden is reduced to 25MPH along Main Street so slowing down to spot it is not only a bad idea, but might very well get you a ticket. Here's the key: [130] is easiest to spot if you're headed northbound. Simply look to your right for the Holiday Lodge near Esmeralda Ave. Parking at the Holiday Lodge is a hit-and-miss. The owners usually don't mind, but please know that this could change at any time. If it does, an alternative parking area can be found across the street in old town Minden on Esmeralda Street. Use the crosswalk and conquer this marker!

  • [130] Trust us.  Spotting it is harder than it looks!
  • [130] Marker 130 plaque
  • [130] This one blends in well with the Minden scene
  • [130] Welcome to Minden, Nevada!
  • [130] Trust us.  Spotting it is harder than it looks!

Exact Description:
Minden, the seat of Douglas County since 1916, was named for a town in Westphalia, Germany, where the founder of the H.F. Dangberg Land and Live Stock Company was born in 1829. The company established Minden in 1905 to provide terminal facilities for the Virginia and Truckee Railroad, which was then extending a branch line southward from Carson City. The passenger and freight depot was situated at this point.

Principal promoter of the town and its related development was H.F. Dangberg, Jr., secretary of the company and son of the founder.

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