Carson Valley

Douglas County
  38.97431, -119.87599

"Well, this one's annoying, even though the view is quite spectacular! Any coincidence that Marker 207 is located along SR 207? Time to check off another county conquered." -- Journal Entry, July 2007

Along Kingsbury Grade (SR 207), 1 mile east of Daggett Summit

Original Date Visited: 7/5/07

Signed: Both lanes of SR 207

Notes: Careful ... this marker comes up fast! As you can probably tell from the image (photo below), don't expect too much room for error! There is s single pullout on the opposite side of the road, meaning in order to view the marker, you must park and cross the highway -- a somewhat dangerous venture on a busy, windy road like Kingsbury. Be extra careful at this one!

  • The hard-to-spot signage for Marker 207
  • Heres to a marker with a view!
  • The historic Van Sickle Ranch on the floor of Carson Valley

Exact Description:
Carson Valley below, now a broad expanse of cultivated and pasture lands, was originally a strip of meadow along the banks of the river where 49ers, following the California branch of the emigrant trail, rested their stock and bought vegetables from the Mormon station owners.

After discovery of the Comstock Lode (1858) settlers extended the natural meadows by irrigation to provide hay, meat and butter for the miners in Virginia City and neighboring towns.

From 1870, German, Danish and Swiss immigrants enlarged the area still more to supply produce to booming Bodie and, after 1905, to supply Tonopah and Goldfield.

Good range and agricultural practices have allowed Carson Valley to continue to be one of Nevada's finest agricultural areas.

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