Elko County
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"Another stop in an urban park. Exciting stuff. Elko is chock full of great places that would fare this marker much better than a sleepy town park. What about the Commercial Inn, the Elko County Courthouse, or anywhere further west on Idaho Street nearer the strip? An urban park just doesn't have the flare characteristic of Elko. A Nevadan could describe this mini-city as a sleepy little metro in the middle of nowhere, a town full of proud and rowdy residents who like things just the way things are ... an interstate city complete with everything from a freshly made silver-laden saddle, a high dollar to hole-in-the-wall casino, a Tuscan Calamari dish to a Big Mac with fries." -- Journal Entry, May 2008

Along Idaho Street (SR 535/Old US 40) in Elko City Park -- Elko
* Find this one on the east end of the park nearest the Northeastern Nevada Museum *

Original Date Visited: 5/13/09

Signed: No

Notes: Rather than trying to spot the marker instead find the Northeastern Nevada Museum along Idaho Street then look to the left toward Elko City Park. Park at the museum and grab this two-for-one deal with [108]!

  • Marker 106 at the Elko City Park
  • Marker 106 plaque
  • Marker 106 as seen from Marker 108

Exact Description:
On December 29, 1868, representatives of the Central Pacific Railroad started laying out lots for the future town of Elko. By 1870, the thriving town had 5,000 people. There was an immense volume of freight and passenger traffic over the stageline roads north and south from the railhead at Elko to the mining area.

The University of Nevada was originally built in Elko in 1874 and remained here until 1885, at which time it was moved to Reno to its present location.

By the early 1870's, Elko became the marketing and economic center for northeastern Nevada's vast range livestock empire. In the 1870's and 1880's, great ranching principalities were built on Elko County's vast rangelands. These ranches were ruled over, absolutely, by such powerful and colorful cattle kings as L.R. "Broadhorns" Bradley, Nevada's second Governor and its first "cowboy" Governor; the French Garat family, Spanish Altubes, and John Sparks, Governor of Nevada in the early years of this century.

Elko remains the economic hub of Nevada's greatest range area. At the same time, it has also become a recreation-tourism center in northeast Nevada.

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