Ruby Valley Pony Express Station (Reconstructed)


[108] -- Ruby Valley Pony Express Station (Reconstructed)

Elko County
  40.84176, -115.75273

"I keep thinking about this marker. Nice reconstruction, nice location! But ... wouldn't be better at its original location in Ruby Valley? For lovers of dirt roads like myself, it would be. For the average family sedan on the family roadtrip, probably not. Fine. I will eat my ballcap should this reconstruction ever receive a dose of spray paint." -- Journal Entry, May 2008

Northeastern Nevada Museum -- Elko

Original Date Visited: 5/13/09

Signed: No

  • Marker 108 is a fully mapped plaque
  • Marker 108 and its reconstructed Pony Express Station.  This one greets you as you enter the Northeastern Nevada Museum!

Exact Description:
(No description.)

This cool "plaque" consists of nothing more than a map of the Pony Express Route.

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