Jarbidge Community Hall

Elko County
  41.87814, -115.43072

"... I was here for all of ten seconds today when Sue approached me ... a lively local who immediately offered us a quick tour inside the hall. No prompting required. Sue works at the gift shop right across the street to which I denote her as the town's self-proclaimed ambassador. Expecting a swathy, "woodsy" rush of outdated air, I was taken aback. The hall was completely refurbished including the aforementioned "floating" floor and the blue backdrop behind the stage. Original documents dating Jarbidge and dozens of old photographs were pinned proudly to the walls in decorative frames. I took a minute to flip through the pages of the Jarbidge Hall's guestbook and it looks like I am not alone. The farthest "from" location took me surprise. "Okida, Japan." Afterwards, I took a few minutes to browse her gift shop and the shelf full of delectable, local-grown jellies intrigued me. It looks like Sue had a hobby ... and I had to buy one. A small jar of fresh Elderberry, berries picked from Jarbidge Canyon itself. What a day." -- Journal Entry, August 2009

At the front door to the Jarbidge Community Hall -- Jarbidge
* Find this one right across from the Outdoor Inn *

Original Date Visited: 8/22/09

Signed: No

  • The historic Community Hall in Jarbidge
  • Marker 153 plaque
  • Interior of the Jarbidge Hall

Exact Description:
Gold discoveries by Dave Bourne in 1909 created the town of Jarbidge.

With 1,500 population in Jarbidge Canyon by 1910, citizens built this pioneer type community hall with a "floating" maple floor. The building was restored by grass-roots effort in 1965.

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