Fish Lake Valley

Esmeralda County
  37.69395, -118.09014

"I'm listing it now in case I forget to list it on the website ... No matter which direction you come from, it's no small drive out here! I stopped into the Esmeralda Market in Dyer for a Dew and chatted with the shopowner for a few minutes, emphasizing the long way it is out here. His response ... "It's great isn't it?" -- Journal Entry, July 2008

Along SR 264, 3 miles north of Dyer

Original Date Visited: 7/18/08

Signed: Both lanes of SR 264

Notes: [133] is set far away from just about everything in all directions. The nearest major city from this location is Bishop, California, some seventy miles to the west. Make sure you do all the necessary precautions before making the trek to Fish Lake Valley. The "town" of Dyer has only a few very basic services for travelers. As always, use your best judgement with this one

  • Marker 133 at the foothills of the White Mountains.  This one will take plenty of time to get to in any direction!
  • Marker 133 plaque
  • The stark vistas in Fish Lake Valley

Exact Description:
This valley was settled when the Palmetto Mining District was discovered in 1866. In the 1870's, the Griffing & Nyman's, as well as the Pacific Borax Works, were extracting borax at Fish Lake.

The Carson and Columbus Stage Line ran northward to Aurora and Carson City, making connections with Logsprings in the Sylvania District and Lida. Several local ranches supplied food to the freight industry and mining communities.

A post office was opened at Fish Lake Valley in 1881.

(This marker commemorates the life and times of W.O. Harrell, known as "Harrell, the Irrepressible, Citizen Extraordinaire of Fish Lake Valley in the 1870's.")

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