Gold Point

Esmeralda County
  37.43757, -117.28527

"I was told the 4th of July celebration in Gold Point consists of a few cold ones and a "whopping" parade. All 14 residents of it. It sucks that I missed the celebration by a whopping 12 days." -- Journal Entry, July 2008

At the junction of SR 266 and 774, 7 miles west of US 95

Original Date Visited: 7/18/08

Signed: Both lanes of SR 266

Notes: Please know that this region is one of the most inhospitable in Nevada and this dubious location in particular is far away from almost everything. Please keep all the regular precautions stored in the back of your mind. Stand and take a break at this turnout for just a few minutes and you'll know what I mean!

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Exact Description:
Gold Point was initially called Lime Point for the nearby lime deposits found in 1868. Processing difficulties in the 1880's discouraged silver mining locally.

Goldfield ore discoveries in 1902 stimulated area mining interest and high-grade hornsilver was discovered here in 1908. The name was changed to Hornsilver, and typically mining camp development occurred. A newspaper, post office, stores and saloons began operations, and a town of over 225 wood frame buildings, tents and shacks appeared.

The camp assumed the name Gold Point after 1930 when more gold was being mined than silver. Miners were drawn away to essential World War II industries in October 1942, and major mining efforts ceased at Gold Point.

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