Eureka County Courthouse


Eureka County Courthouse

Eureka County
  39.50878, -115.96021

"There's no missing this one. The Eureka Courthouse is so stately, it should mandate its magnetic field. By far ... the largest building in central Nevada. Now where's the tour?" -- Journal Entry, October 2007

Eureka County Courthouse -- Eureka

Original Date Visited: 10/21/07

Signed: No

  • The 1874 Eureka County Courthouse
  • Marker 80 plaque
  • Marker 80

Exact Description:
Built in 1879-80, of locally fired brick and of sandstone quarried nearby, the Eureka County Courthouse remains a fine example of boom town Victorian opulence. This relic, scene of many famous trials, lives on in reflected glory of the days when Eureka was the first important lead-silver district in the United States.

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