Paradise Valley

Humboldt County
  41.49159, -117.53466

"Nice to see another older marker in excellent condition! Not surprising in such a sleepy town like Paradise Valley. It certainly feels like a paradise, not just because of the mountain views, but its tight-knit tranquility and down-home feel. I'm hoping to make it to McDermitt today ... if I don't get distracted by little places like these." -- Journal Entry, September 2009

Along SR 290 (Main Street) across from the Post Office -- Paradise Valley

Original Date Visited: 8/28/09

Signed: You'll find one original cut-out shield on northbound SR 290

  • Marker 89 plaque
  • A typical sleepy day in Paradise Valley

Exact Description:
Hudson Bay Company's Peter Skeen Ogden passed through Paradise Valley November 8, 1828. First settled in 1863, Indian trouble starting in 1864, worsening in 1865, led to the establishment of Camp Winfield Scott (1866-1870) about four miles from here. Paradise Valley soon became the granary and fruit-raising center for the mining camps of central and eastern Nevada and those of southwest Idaho Territory.

In the original town of Scottsdale (1866), John C. Kemler built the first hotel, now used as a residence. Renamed Paradise City (1869), the town was a mining supply center: 1878-1920. Later when livestock raising predominated, the town was renamed again, this time, "Paradise Valley."

Marker 89 in scenic Paradise Valley.

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