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Markers by Numbered List

Search Nevada's historical markers by numbered list. This listing catalogs the current status of every marker in the State Marker System based on state records and our own personal visits starting in 2007. Please check back here throughout the year as the status of any of these markers may change.

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Markers by County

Every county in Nevada comes a brand of pride that's unique in and of itself. From Battle Born Northern Nevada to the wonderous buzz of the South, we've found that each county speaks for itself. Board the cartography and explore the entire state of Nevada county by county!

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Markers by Roadtrip

Hungry for even more? Ready, set, scroll! Consider these roadtrips you're one stop for anything and everything as you cruise Nevada! Prepare to conquer not only our State Marker System, but the entirety of the Silver State itself with plots suited for just about everybody.

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Marker Superlatives

So what happens after visiting all of Nevada's 271 historic markers? We find out which ones are best of the best! This is our "Supers" Page - a list of select markers most note-worthy and stand out among the rest. On your own expedition, be sure to pay extra kudos to these special superlatives.

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Missing Markers

This list is a catalog of markers that we dub as "MIAs," markers that are still present in the system but have gone missing from their listed locations. Why are they missing? That's what we found out! We have personally visited all of these markers and their respected locations to confirm their status.

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Statewide Marker Map

This map contains all 271 Nevada Historical Markers currently within the State Marker System. We've signified each marker with a blue place marks and all missing markers with red place marks. Please check back here throughout the year as the status of these markers may change!

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Nevada Portal

Thought we were just historical markers? Welcome to your #1 Source for Everything Nevada. Discover the Silver State by taking a byte or two out of these fascinating pages!

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Why Nevada Landmarks?

Our quest began in the spring of 2007--my insane campaign to personally record and conquer every state historical marker in our chosen home of Nevada. I wanted to prove that the history of the Silver State is indeed alive and well in a world of constant change and growing suburbia. The website began as a mere catalogue to store the information about the landmarks and any other interesting tidbits about the state.

We've accumulated a painstaking eighty thousand miles and gone through four sets of tires along with a new front windshield on our beloved truck Sage. I've gone days without a sit down meal or comfortable bed, just to take the long way home and sleep under the stars, visible from almost anywhere in this part of the country. Sage and her occupants chose to partake in this long and rough journey (both in the car and in front of the computer) not as a torment, but as a testament to the beauty of this Silver State from corner to corner. This is Nevada, our home. However, we were unaware just how many of our fellow Nevadans might have the same wanderlust...



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