The Surveyors

Lander County
  39.45731, -116.99709

"... I'm wondering who Bob Scott was. A surveyor? Quite possibly a local legend? I'm not sure and I don't think much research will pull up the subject back home." -- Journal Entry, June 2009

Along US 50 on Scott's Summit, 6.9 miles east of Austin

Original Date Visited: 6/20/09

Signed: Both lanes of US 50

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Exact Description:
The Federal Government historically has supported numerous surveys for the purpose of measuring the domain which extended, after 1848, to the Pacific. Those surveys sought railway routes, military relationships, water transport and wagon roads. The survey activity was extended to all territories, but not to states.

Nevada, in part, was the site of two notable surveys, Honey Lake to Fort Kearny wagon road, completed in 1860 by Captain Lander, and the route surveyed by Lieutenant Simpson, Camp Floyd to Genoa, in 1859.

Military engineers engaged in this activity included, Stansbury Marcy, Whipple, Beale, Simpson and Lander. The name of Captain F.W. Lander stands out as a contributor to Nevada's history. He has been memorialized in the name of a prominent county. Nearby Simpson Peak Mountains are named for Lieutenant Simpson.

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