Panaca Ward Chapel

Lincoln County
  37.7909, -114.38732

"So I made the mistake of visiting Panaca on a Sunday morning ... with a camera in hand. My casual appearance stood out against the regular suits and dresses worn by early morning church goers. And ... I didn't realize how protective this little town can be. The isolation here is extreme and seems to strengthens the town -- in more ways than one. Self-sufficiency. Liveablity. And of course, a weary gaze toward outsiders. Not many people come this way and Panaca is stronger because of it." -- Journal Entry, March 2009

At the front door to the Panaca Ward Chapel -- Panaca
* Find this one directly behind the Ladder Day Saints (LDS) Church and right across from [93] -- Panaca Mercantile Store *

Original Date Visited: 3/16/09

Signed: No

Notes: Upon your conquering of [93] your first challenge will be finding a place to park in this protective and very tight-knit community! As you've probably gathered, Panaca folks keep a keen eye on outsiders. If you arrive here on a weekend refrain from parking right next to the marker or in front of the LDS Church. Instead, park right behind the LDS church (the largest building in town) at [182] Panaca Ward Chapel and walk from there. These two markers is obviously a case of double-conquering.

  • The Panaca Ward Chapel
  • Marker 182 plaque

Exact Description:
Oldest building in Lincoln County. Constructed in 1867-1868 of adobe from the swamps west of town.

Built as a Mormon chapel, used also as a school and recreation hall, it is typical of the development in small Mormon pioneer communities in the Intermountain West during the mid-1800's.

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