Lincoln County
  38.1072, -114.58371

"Jackrabbit conquered and damn is that is air COLD! The unique thing about this area is its lack of pinion pine usually something of an eyeful in the Great Basin. Almost all of the trees in the background are exclusively Utah Juniper. ... And I've spent way too much time in the desert thinking about this!" -- Journal Entry, April 2009

US 93 and the BLM road to Bristol Well, 14 miles north of Pioche

Original Date Visited: 4/13/09

Signed: Original cut-out shields (severely faded). Both lanes of US 93

  • A very chilly morning at the Jackrabbit marker
  • Marker 204 plaque
  • The town of Jackrabbit can be found just ahead in the Bristol Range

Exact Description:
Local legend attributes the discovery to the locator picking up a rock to throw at a jackrabbit and finding himself holding high grade silver. Located on the eastern slope of the Bristol Mountains, the Jack Rabbit District, named for the mine, was located in 1876 by Isaac Newton Garrison. Within months the camp, at one time named Royal City, had a store, saloon, boarding house and restaurant. Early mine production was about ten tons per day, carrying native silver in flakes, yielding about $40 per ton -- sometimes as high as $2000 per ton. Total production of the District is estimated at about $2,000,000 to $6,000,000. Mine production declined during the 1880's, but when a fifteen-mile narrow gauge railroad was opened in 1891 between the Jackrabbit mine and Pioche, mineral production soon increased. After 1893 the mines fell silent except for several short periods of activity in 1906-07 and 1912-14.

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