Courthouse Site (1865-1907)

Lyon County
  39.23812, -119.59121

"I suppose this location warranted an historic marker simply because without one, a certain curious history seeker would never know this was the original seat of government for Lyon. I hope the others in Old Town are little more interesting. #127 conquered." -- Journal Entry, September 2007

Corner of Logan Alley and Pike St -- Dayton

Original Date Visited: 9/13/07

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  • Marker 127 plaque
  • This one leaves a lot to be desired

Exact Description:
Dayton was the first seat of Lyon County. When the courthouse burned in 1907, the seat was moved to Yerington. Utilizing the ruins, the townspeople built a much-needed high school. Closed in 1959, it was reactivated as a junior high school in 1972.

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