Union Hotel & Post Office

Lyon County
  39.23613, -119.59052

"Tons of hidden surprises in the folds of old town Dayton ... like the Union Hotel. Take away the Nevada license plates and the Nevada-shaped landmark and you'd think we were Tombstone or Deadwood. No wonder Hollywood searches high and low for something like this. Haha ... right here in our own backyard. #186 conquered." -- Journal Entry, June 2008

Union Hotel, Main and Pike Sts. -- Dayton

Original Date Visited: 6/4/08

Signed: No

  • Marker 186 plaque
  • Marker 186 in Old Town Dayton

Exact Description:
The original Union Hotel was located across the street. It was rebuilt here in 1870 after a fire destroyed the old hotel. The post office site originally housed the dining room and a barber shop. The free-standing rock wall is the original wall of the Overland Stage Station and Pony Express Stop.

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