Dayton School House - 1865

Lyon County
  39.23788, -119.59257

"The last of the many markers tucked away in Old Town Dayton. Stuffed, sealed, and delivered. I feel like I've already conquered Lyon County halfway just by visiting Dayton. And ... I pretty much have. Share the historic wealth a little there, Dayton? Then again, why stop a good thing?" -- Journal Entry, June 2008

At the corner of Shady Lane and Logan Alley -- Dayton

Original Date Visited: 6/17/08

Signed: No

  • Marker 262 plaque
  • The historic one-room Dayton Schoolhouse, now a Lyon County Museum

Exact Description:
In 1865, Lyon County built this imposing school building for the residents of Dayton, then the county seat. It is the second oldest schoolhouse in Nevada and is the oldest such structure to remain in its original location. The building served the community as a school until 1959 when it was closed. It later housed the Dayton Senior Citizens Center and became the home of the Dayton Historical Society Museum in 1991.

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