Silver City School House

Lyon County
  39.26438, -119.63945

"Prior to 2010, there was no Marker 264. Could it be that the SHPO still has some fuel left in the tank? Whenever, or however the marker debut happened, it probably wasn't a very big one. The locals alone would've preferred a small ceremony: just the way Silver City likes it." -- Journal Entry, May 2010

At the Silver City Park (Community Center) -- Silver City
* From the post office on SR 342, head uphill on 3rd St. to the park on your right *

Original Date Visited: 5/18/10

Signed: No

  • [264] The Silver City Schoolhouse
  • [264] The Silver City Schoolhouse
  • [264] Marker 264 plaque
  • [264] The Silver City Schoolhouse rear view
  • [264] Marker 264 plaque

Exact Description:
The growing town of Silver City built a schoolhouse at this site in 1867-1868. Enrollment was as high as 166 students in the 1880s. Children were educated here for nearly a century until the school closed in 1958.

The building then began its career as the Silver City community center and volunteer fire department. The fire department parked trucks inside the south classroom. Community events took place in the north classroom.

Fire destroyed the schoolhouse in 2004. The community center was rebuilt in 2007 in the same place. The new building closely resembles the old schoolhouse in size and architectural style. Materials from the originial building are incorporated into the new strucrure.

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