Relocating to the Silver State

So you've seen the headlines. "What Happens in Nevada" could certainly mean your future, right? Perhaps you've visited our fine state: once, twice, or even three times shy. You've found your way into one of our snow dusted ranges. You've stepped in solace onto our prickly deserts and stayed awhile. You might have retreated to Nevada for only a few days, hitting a row of lucky 7's along the way and instantly fell in love with the "georges," "the misters," and "the bosses"—the clanking of change and that downright quirk that resonates beneath the neon surface. Either way, you fell in love with it so much that you decided to pack it all up and call the Silver State your new "Home." Right?

It may appear bleak and stoic from the outside, but you'll find yourself discovering something new about Nevada everyday. Whether it be for business or pleasure, life here is about as eccentric and interesting as you can get - from its quirky customs, its hidden surprises, to its proud people. To the rest of the world not much is known about Nevada. Call it the red-headed stepchild of the American West. Like anywhere though, moving here has its pros and cons ... and we're about to lay them on thick!