Nye County
  36.90618, -116.75605

"Whoops! Missed this one on my first go! This marker needs to be relocated to the old train depot in town, or at the town's main intersection. As it stands now, it is easily missed. Looks like I need to arrange some phone calls when I get home ..." -- Journal Entry, October 2008

Along US 95 (Main Street), south end of Beatty

Original Date Visited: 10/18/08

Signed: No

Notes: Here's another one that can be a little tough to spot especially if you're coming from the north (southbound US 95), but there's a large median here for marker viewing. Look to the left about a quarter mile south of the junction (the only one in town) as US 95 makes a slight curve out of town.

  • Marker 173 in Beatty
  • Another rare mapped plaque courtesy of the SHPO
  • Marker 173

Exact Description:
Beatty was the center of three short-lived, so-called "gold" railroads that were spawned by the strikes of the early 1900's in Tonopah, Goldfield and Rhyolite.

"During 1906-'07 three railroads were built in this area. The Las Vegas and Tonopah built from Las Vegas through Beatty and Rhyolite to Goldfield. The Bullfrog Goldfield built south from Goldfield to Beatty and Rhyolite. The Tonopah and Tidewater built north from Ludlow, California to Gold Center and used the BG tracks from Gold Center to Beatty and Rhyolite until 1914."

Rancher M.M. Beatty drove the last spike here on April 18, 1907, marking the completion of the first and only north-south railroad system in the state.

Rails were torn up at Beatty beginning on July 18, 1942.

"From The Railroads of Nevada, Vol. I, by David F. Myrick, Courtesy of Howell-North Books."

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