Nye County At a Glance

Founded: March 19, 1864
Size: 18,159 sq. mi.
Rank: 1st out of 17
(Largest in Nevada)
Population: 43,946 (2014)
Rank: 7th out of 17
Density: 2 sq. mi.
Rank: 10th out of 17
Largest Community: Pahrump (36,441)
County Seat: Tonopah (2,478)
Highest Point: Mt. Jefferson (11,949')
(3rd highest in Nevada)

Known for ... `
Tonopah Historic District, Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park, Rhyolite Historic District, Death Valley National Park, Lunar Crater Volcanic Field, "The Extraterrestrial Highway," "The Fabulous Five" (Central Nevada mountain ranges)