Unionville (Pershing County)

Pershing County
  40.44954, -118.07174

"#145! And the pavement ends right where my heart begins. For those of you who wonder about such things, SR 400 continues past the pavement's end for another 70 miles to Dixie Valley and US 50 without services. Are we man enough? (Or woman enough?)" -- Journal Entry, February 2008

At the end of SR 400 (end of pavement), 16.5 miles south of I-80

Original Date Visited: 2/25/08

Signed: One severely faded sign on southbound side of SR 400

  • [145] Marker 145 and the beautiful snowy Humboldt Range
  • [145] The lovely Unionville cemetery
  • [145] Unionville Covered Bridge (c) Nicholas B.
  • [145] Great views in the old mining girl of Unionville!
  • [145]  One of the grestest tales might reside here in the small town of Unionville.  A young Samuel Clemens may have begun his short-lived mining career here -- in this one-room cabin in Unionville in 1861.

Exact Description:
Southern sympathizers settled in Buena Vista Canyon in 1861 after the discovery of silver ore. Appropriately called Dixie, their camp's name changed to Unionville in late 1861, when the will of the neutral and Northern factions of the population prevailed. The town was designated as the seat of Humboldt County, which was itself the product of Buena Vista mining activity. Unionville lost this distinction to Winnemucca in 1873.

By the late 1870's, most of the local ores were depleted, but it has remained a pleasant place, enjoying more amenities and less violence than most mining towns in spite of strong political feelings.

Today, Unionville still retains its picturesqueness.

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