Reunion in Unionville

Pershing County
  40.44653, -118.12753

"It's a rye and hardy tiyme in the Humboldts this time of year. Even in four wheel drive, a trip to Star City might not be the foolhardy, but it is definitely for the hardy!" -- Journal Entry, August 2008

Unionville County Park -- Unionville

Original Date Visited: 8/21/08

Signed: No

  • Marker 232 at the Unionville Park
  • The rumored Mark Twain Cabin at the Unionville Park

Exact Description:
Across the road and down about 300 feet was the original Unionville school. Built in 1862, this adobe building was the first public structure in the county. Used by such organizations as the Union League, Knights of the Golden Circle, the Masons and the Ancient and Honorable Order of E. Clampus Vitus, it served the community until its demolition in 1871.

Exactly 109 years later, members of the E.C.V. gathered here to hold a reunion in commemoration of this propitious event. To the rear of this marker are the remains of Mark Twain's cabin. Also a member of E.C.V., he built this structure in 1861 and lived here before moving to Virginia City.

Marker 232 conquered! The setting for this one's a nice change from the rest of Pershing's markers.

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