Test Your Knowledge!

We're a state that has more surprises and things that you didn't know than perhaps any other state in the country. And here's your opportunity to put your knowledge of Nevada to the test.



  • The word "buckaroo" derived from the spanish word "vaquero" and by any language, both equally worked the land and cattle the traditional way by rope and horseback for long hours and low wages. Their ruggedness transpires an independence and inseparable bond with nature.
  • This quiz: Like the young buckaroos who work to perfect their craft, allow these questions to help you perfect your knowledge of Nevada. These questions are rather simple and intended to be an easy stroll in the sagebrush. In fact, every Nevadan should make it a point to know this material.
  • Difficulty 5/10



  • Homesteaders are synonomous with Nevada. Throughout Nevada's history emigrants instead chose to set up camp here and took a chance to make a new life in this vast, unknown territory rather than continue their slug west to the goldfields.
  • This quiz: So then, it's no wonder why this quiz is called "Homesteader." Take a chance and see what you know about Nevada. These questions present a bit more of a challenge, but I know you wouldn't *settle* for anything less.
  • Difficulty 7/10



  • The ideal retreat of heading west seemed easy at first ... that is, until they met the region that was to become Nevada. Enter the Donners. Despite which direction they chose they realized this was no easy going. Many followed after them, with an all new approach and respect for the trip.
  • This quiz: We've upped the factor to give you a quiz that's about as difficult as blazing the trail through Nevada's harsh terrain. This hodgepodge of questions are best left to those mostly familiar with Nevada and just the right kind of hard for every Battle Born boy or girl. Are you ready?
  • Difficulty 8/10


"Pony Bob"

  • Many Nevadans are at least somewhat familiar with the impeccable story of "Pony Bob" Haslam, the Pony Express Rider who accomplished the impossible. Haslam was forced to go down in history for his monumental ride of 120 miles in just 8 hours and 20 minutes while wounded. His ride became the fastest and longest trip ever made on the Pony Express.
  • This quiz: Like Pony Bob, you too can share in accomplishing the impossible ... but you've been warned. This quiz is so insanely difficult that nothing short of perfect knowledge will yield in a positive score. Most of these questions clue in information that only native-born, life-long, and well-traveled Nevadans will know. The impossible is possible. We just hope you some sanity left to go with that straitjacket.
  • Difficulty 10/10



  • The ramblings of Samuel Clemens began as mere letters written to a newspaper in Virginia City around 1860. It was then the pen name "Mark Twain" was born from a small one-room cabin in Aurora. It didn't take long for viewers to read about the world through Twain's outlook on life with a wit and bluntness that became a regular statement on western America.
  • This quiz: The answers found here may be as translucent as Twain's words. The answers are there: you just have to look carefully to find them. These questions pertain to a variety of subjects in Nevada, but be warned, all you have to help you is a single clue! In Round 1, find the single answer that doesn't belong. In Round 2, you'll need to find multiple answers that do or don't belong. Good luck!
  • Difficulty 9/10

Historical Markers


  • This quiz deals strictly with our state's historical markers. The questions in this quiz are purely factual dealing with plaque references, locations, and historical data. And here you thought you wouldn't come out of this website without a test!
  • Difficulty 7/10