Mackay Mansion

Storey County
  39.30661, -119.65019

"So far, #132 and #196 are the only two markers in the system with duplicate plaques. Because I wonder about such things, I cross-referenced Mackay and it is pronounced "Mack-ee" not "Mack-ay." I'm sure I'll get a lot of feedback about this." -- Journal Entry, November 2007

Along D Street at the Mackay Mansion -- Virginia City

Original Date Visited: 11/21/07

Signed: No

  • Marker 132
  • The fine view of the Mackay Mansion from Flowery Street.  Mackays famous "100 mile view" was the reason why this was high class property even during the Comstock.

Exact Description:
The Gould & Curry Mining Co. Office escaped the 1875 fire to also become the home of John Mackay, "Boss" of the Big Bonanza, which made him the richest man in the Comstock (over $100,000,000). Mackay also founded the Postal Telegraph Co.

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