Chollar Mine

Storey County

"Time for some kudos: #209 is the only silver Nevada historic marker in the system. This somehow seems fitting in a district built around silver! Too bad not everybody will get to see it." -- Journal Entry, May 2007

At the head of the Chollar Mine, south end of Virginia City
* At the 341/342 junction, head south on SR 341 to E Street. Follow the signs to the Chollar Mine on the right *

Original Date Visited: 5/23/07

Signed: No

Notes: Access to this marker varies by the season. The owners of the Chollar usually have the gates open from 11am to 4pm during the summer months, but during the off-season this place is usually closed to visitors making access difficult to impossible unless you're familiar with somebody in the know. When it is closed the gates are usually locked at the Chollar for liability reasons, but the new owners have no plans to rid of this marker and encourage visitors to stop by and take a peek! Simply inquire in town at either the Chamber of Commerce or in the Delta Saloon to find out when to access the Chollar Mine. If you can't seem to gain access there's a trick for all you completionists. Upon turning onto E Street from SR 341 ("the Truck Route"), immediately look for a turnout adorned with mining equipement on your right. (Look for a bright yellow mine shaft gear.) Park here to gain a bird's eye view of the marker and the mine below!

  • The historic Chollar Mine in Virginia City
  • Marker 209 plaque
  • The historic Chollar Mine in Virginia City

Exact Description:
First located in 1859, the Chollar was consolidated with the Potosi in 1865. As the Chollar-Potosi, it was one of the leading producers on the Comstock. The Nevada Mill was erected here in 1887 to process low-grade Chollar ore. It was the last to use the Washoe Pan Process, but the first on the Comstock to generate and utilize electric power.

At one time this was the only silver marker in the system. Photo taken in 2007. Marker 209 has since been re-painted in the standard blue.

Did You Know ...

... The Chollar Mine was a featured backdrop on Season 2, Episode 10 of "How the States Got Their Shapes." In fact, a keen pair of eyes will even make out the marker for a brief moment just as the episode begins!

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