Piper's Opera House

Storey County
  39.31094, -119.65016

"Unfortunately, this marker doesn't give it (Piper's) justice. One needs to walk its stage and gaze up at the ceiling with delighted eyes. There's talk of it being closed to the public once these renovations are complete. I hope this doesn't happen." -- Journal Entry, July 2007

B Street, Piper's Opera House -- Virginia City

Original Date Visited: 7/7/07

Signed: No

  • Marker 236 plaque
  • The historic Piper Opera House

Exact Description:
This building, the most significant vintage theatre in the West, was erected by John Piper in 1885. Third in a succession of theatres which he operated on the Comstock, Piper's Opera House, with its original scenery, raked stage, and elegant proscenium boxes, is a remarkable survivor of a colorful era in American theatrical history. Many popular nineteenth-century touring stars and concert artists appeared here.

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