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  • Stanley White - About/Reno Tahoe -- "A good guide is essential for the marker hunter and the best one I've found is Nevada-Landmarks by Paul Sebesta of Carson City. When I say Sebesta's site is good, I mean extensive. You won't find another single source for more information about Nevada's history."
  • Jessica B. (11th Grade, Carson City High School) "I'm sure you've heard this before but your website is amazing. There's so much content to explore and it's so much more than just the marker plaques. I can tell you really do care about us and this state's future. You make learning about Nevada so easy and so much fun."
  • Andy G. - Reno, NV. "This is excellent. I'm wondering why it's taken me so long to stumble on your site. My top bookmark!"
  • Candace Alley - Reno, NV. "This is really special. Thank you for taking on such an important, overlooked task and then sharing it so others may enjoy! We love Nevada and its history. Thank you for your contributions!"
  • Lucy H. - Carson City, NV. "Your passion for life and for this state is heartwarming young man. I very much enjoyed everything on this web site and listening to you speak. thank you for all you do, lucy. "
  • Steve Summit "I'm going to your site from now on! You have the most detailed, passionate information about Nevada I have found anywhere.....even better than the state itself! Paul, I can understand your frustrations all too well. The state tourist board only offers basic info on its roads with short pamplets, nothing at all for people who really know this state and would like to explore it deeper. Your website could run this state. You've made a fan for life, sir. Keep up the great work!"
  • Laurie S. - Gardnerville, NV. "I find that your website is the best of both worlds, a dose of information that is fun and educational! I'm learning so much about our state all without boring myself to sleep with a textbook or encyclopedia."
  • Mark Schultz "Paul, thank you. I seriously thought I was the only one that enjoyed these markers. A year long vacation, driving Nevada in my '94 Jeep Wrangler is one of my dreams, beginning and ending with New Year's Eve fireworks on the Las Vegas Strip. I'll let you know if I can ever make it happen."
  • Lem L. Trout III - Dayton, NV. "Thank You for keeping the History ALIVE! Being a Native Nevadan I enjoy the incredible scenery the state has to offer, it's people and the History. You're right. Nevada is not only a State ... It's a "State" of Mind."
  • Jacy Christensen - Mound House, NV. "Keep up your passion! Your artistic ability and especially your writing skills are amazing."
  • Doug Taylor - Carson City, NV. "This is a great reference for someone who wants to get away from the casinos and see the real Nevada. the pictures here give me more ideas for low-cost camping trips. thank you for your effort, its well done."
  • Tony Albanese - Sparks, NV. "I'm a Nevada buff, and I learn something new about our wonderful state every day. I,ve traveled every county, but never gave it much thought about the histoicaql markers other than the ones that are within eyesight. Thanks for a great eye."
  • Roger Ferguson - Reno, NV. "I have loved Nevada since the first day I moved here on March 8th, 1981. Your website and knowledge of Nevada is inspiring to me. I stop at most markers because they signify our past. I can not thank you enough for all you have done."
  • Barb Yehle - Reno, NV. "I love your work. My husband is a traveler and explorer. We can use your website as a guide. What a wonderful journey you have taken on!"
  • Mitch H. - Fernley, NV. "Your story and the way you are documenting your journey is fantastic. Great job!"
  • Mary W. - Carson City, NV. "I read your article in the paper and I am very happy you did this. I have seen some of the markers and have just started reading all of the information on your website. Bless you for taking the time in your life to do something like this."
  • Marie Adams - Minden, NV. "I love history and now I can get my fix and more to cover wonderful and wild Nevada. Your a great writer, please do some public speaking on the subject. I'll be in attendance. Your my new favorite on my computer."
  • Tony Frieberg - Dayton, NV. "Wow pretty much sums it up. Loved the story in the Nevada Appeal and have been surfing your web sight all morning. Thanks for the adventure!"
  • Brian Rogers - Virginia City, NV. "I have spent enjoyable hours exploring your website. Your journey is inspiring. Thank you for your efforts to preserve and document our history and for sharing with all of us. "
  • Lois T. - Reno, NV. "Paul, this is great! You've done a wonderful job and a service to folks like me who like to learn about the histories of place, but find it difficult to get around as much as I would like. Thank you so much! :)"
  • Berenice Rios - Carson City, NV. "I think that is amazing that you are taking the time to discover Nevada. This allows people who are normally stagnant in one area to get up and take a drive. Thank you for sharing all that this state has to offer, In creating this website you show that there is more to the state than just Las Vegas or Area 51 and most important, why so many of us have chosen to spend our lives here."
  • Suzie M. - Las Vegas, NV. "We were looking for a resource to help with my little brother's school project. His project was about Nevada and we looked for hours on the internet for some information, but everything we found was way too detailed. He didn't understand it. We found your website and your state symbols webpage and it couldn't have been more helpful! This is the best webpage for Nevada out there. Thank you so much!"
  • K. Alcorn - Churchill County School District "I must say Mr. Sebesta that you're website is outstanding. I've been using it for years, recommended to me by the State of Nevada as a reliable resource for our state. Many of my students utilize it for school projects and assignments per our history curriculum, as there is virtually no reliable information about Nevada anywhere on the web. Many of the websites I've encountered aside from the historical society database are far too outdated and aloof for our children to use. Yours is perfect. A blend of easy-to-read material combined with your professional photography and accurate historical information. Thank you so much for your dedication and for providing us such a steady source of information for our children. We're very lucky to have you."