Named for the Spanish word "poplar" after the abundance of poplars in the area, Alamo sits at the heart of the lush Pahranagat Valley of central Lincoln County. Anybody passing through this arid region of the Mojave Desert has no doubt noted the stark contrast when approaching Alamo from the south -- as lush green poplars and Cottonwoods strike against the area's harsh brown landscape. The slate blue Pahranagat lakes just south of town in the Pahranagat Wildlife Refuge are even more striking, a welcomed oasis and home to many species of fish and hundreds of types of waterfowl and migrating birds.

Alamo has always been a quiet and friendly ranching community along US 93 one that mostly caters to truck and other commuters traveling the expanse from Las Vegas to northern Nevada and Idaho. Most people either pass through Alamo or stop at one of the gas stations for a few minutes rest. Recently, the town has binged into the tourist trade, highlighting such attractions as the nearby hot springs at Ash Meadows and Crystal Springs, the Pahranagat Wildlife Refuge, the Extraterrestrial Highway, and the alleged Area 51 to the west. In terms of services, Alamo offers basic emergency services, a cafe, grocery store, four motels, schools, three truck stops, and several gas stations offering weird and wonderful alien memorabilia!

  • The lush Pahranagat Valley south of Alamo (c) Travel to Eat
  • Marker 175 plaque

Status: Unincorporated Town
Founded: (March) 1901
Population: 1,170 (2010)
Zip Code: 89001
Motto: "Heart of the Pahranagat Valley"


Distance in miles from ...
Caliente -- 66
Las Vegas -- 94
St. George, UT -- 134
Ely -- 157
Tonopah -- 171
Wells -- 296
Reno -- 428