Argenta is the site of a former mining camp on the side of Argenta Mountain east of Battle Mountain. As is in the ways of old Nevada, Argenta began its life when a small camp formed here with the advent of silver discoveries in 1866. Argenta became a shipping point south for the Austin mines and residents had high hopes that Austin would help make Argenta the railroad center of Lander County. As it turns out, the hopes were just that. Attention began to focus heavily on nearby Battle Mountain, which was not only closer to Austin, but nearer to the booming Galena Mines as well. Argenta’s residents realized the town was doomed and began to make peace with the town's demise. In December 1870, Argenta residents moved the buildings as well as themselves to Battle Mountain and within a year, Argenta was a ghost town. There was no activity until 1930 when a rich deposit of barite was discovered on Argenta Mountain. From 1930 to 1969, well over $3 million in barite was produced.


Status: Ghost Town
Population: None
Founded: April 1866

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How to Get Here:
While the Argenta Mine is still active today, the site holds no current population. Today, the site of Argenta is home to a set of radio towers serviced by Eureka County officials. The site is located off of Interstate 80, 10 miles east of Battle Mountain. Look for the exit from the freeway marked for "Argenta."