A ghost town site in southern Mineral County, 38 miles southwest of Hawthorne, 47 miles southeast of the Hawthorne.

Belleville is a long defunct ghost town located along SR 360, 5 miles west of the junction with US 95. Belleville was founded in 1873 and was greatly famous for murders, drunken brawls "sporting," and practical jokes! This was a fun town, but also a strict business town. Belleville flourished by milling the ore from the Northern Belle Mine (located in nearby Candelaria) - one that made its first bullion bar shipment of $9,200 in April 1875. Belleville was also the terminus and work camp of the Carson & Colorado Railroad (C&C) that reached town in 1862. During this time, the population of town peaked at about 500 and included an assay and express office, a telegraph station, a livery stable, a schoolhouse, two hotels, several restaurants, three blacksmith shops, and seven saloons. By the late 1880s pipes delivered water to Candelaria ... a blessing for Candelaria, but a shot to the gut for Belleville. There was no more purpose for Belleville as local mills ceased operations and further reduced the need for shipping. Unfortunately, this sealed Belleville's fate. Unable to compete with the local mills, the town was all but deserted by 1892.

Today, there is virtually nothing left to appease the visitor to Belleville. A single historic marker [HM 154] tells the entire story of this once lively place. A few scant rock ruins, foundations, dirt pits, and a lonely cemetery provide just enough proof that people lived here many years ago. Divert onto SR 360 headed in the direction of "Bishop" from US 95 and drive approximately five miles. Belleville sits on the ridge directly behind the historic marker. There will be little to distracf you from wandering about the town. The silence out here is lovely.

  • Welcome to Belleville, Nevada
  • Most of what remains of Bellevile can be read about on a single historic marker


Status: Ghost Town
Population: None
Founded: March 1873

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How to Get Here:
Belleville is located on SR 360, 5 miles south of US 95.
- Look for the signed turnoff to "Marietta" from SR 360. The site of Belleville sits right behind a lone historic marker that currently marks the site.