Say "hot," and you say "Caliente!" Caliente (cal-ee-in-TAY) was named after the abundance of hot springs in the immediate area. Founded in 1901, Caliente's history is rather staid much like the present community it is today: a very peaceful, and quiet place amidst some very wild scenery. This town was built on land owned by William and Charles Culverwell and was initially given the name of "Calientes" (again due to the hot springs present in the area). Later in the year a post office was built and workers removed the "s" from its name. In 1905, the Union Pacific railroad was completed and prompted the construction of a stately train depot in the style of Spanish mission architecture. The train depot was built in 1923 and now operates as a fine museum exhibiting historical area information.

  • Welcome to Caliente, Nevada
  • Caliente, Nevada

Today, Caliente is a nice slow-down on US 93 between Ely and Las Vegas and anybody who doesn't stop at least once robs themselves of a delightful place. Residents have tight relations to neighboring Utah - most of whom travel to St. George for groceries rather than make the slightly longer drive to Las Vegas. Despite its location, town is well-equipped in catering to tourists albeit with very basic services. The highlight here is its surrounding scenic canyons and its location ideally centered next to one of the five concentrated state parks of Lincoln County. Caliente sits just five minutes away from Kershaw-Ryan State Park and within a half hour's drive from four other parks: Cathedral Gorge, Elgin Schoolhouse, Beaver Dam, and Spring Valley. On your visit to Kershaw, don't miss the lovely drive through Rainbow Canyon (SR 317) just south of town! Caliente prides itself as a fine base-camp for all kinds of adventure.

Overlooking Kershaw Ryan State Park, minutes from Caliente!

Status: Incorporated City
Founded: 1901
Population: 1,130 (2012)
Zip Code: 89008
Motto: "Heart of Lincoln County"


Distance in miles from ...
Panaca -- 15
Pioche -- 24
St. George, UT -- 111
Ely -- 133
Las Vegas -- 155
Tonopah -- 192
Elko -- 311
Reno -- 430

Fun Facts:
- Caliente was one of the favorite writing spots for novelist Zane Grey