Carroll Station

"Carroll's," sometimes referred to as "Carroll Summit Station," refers to an old road side station in between Austin and Eastgate in the Desatoya Mountains. Carroll's Station came to life around 1925 when word spread about the Highway 50 project and realignment of the Lincoln Highway route past Cold Springs. Back in the day, climbing Carroll Summit was not the leisurely and thoughtless activity it is today; people needed to plan the trip accordingly and stop every so often to cool off their automobiles. In the canyon along Campbell Creek and some 350 feet above Smith Creek Valley, Carroll's probably made a nice resting point before continuing up the rest of the grade from the east.

Upon learning of the project, a small two-room building was moved from the south shore of Lake Tahoe to Carroll Summit deep in the Desatoya Range of western Lander County. The new Lincoln Highway cut a swath through Eastgate, winding up through Road Canyon, and over Carroll Summit into Austin. People may figured that the highway building crew would need a "watering hole," so one was made for them! The new highway, today's State Route 722, was finished during the spring of 1925 as a scenic route that replaced the original Lincoln Highway through New Pass Canyon. Even today the Carroll Summit Road retains the flavor of early automobile travel across Nevada and has been targeted by the LHA Nevada-Sierra Chapter for potential Scenic Byway designation.

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Today, Carroll's Station is a fond memory of early automobile travel across the country. The same aqua green building is empty and dilapidated, but standing beneath a lovely grove of old-growth trees along Campbell Creek. In addition visitors here will also find a couple of still-standing outbuildings. Everyday an average traffic count of fifty cars pass by the station compared to the 680 or so on the new section of US 50. This alone should say something. This lovely setting naturally attracts people crossing the mountain range. During the summer, people often use Carroll's to rest under the cool trees, have a picnic lunch, and soak in the peace and tranquility. Find Carroll's by choosing SR 722 (dubbed "the Old Lincoln Highway") just west of Eastgate. This route is a much more scenic alternative to the arrow-straight path of US 50 and adds only thirty minutes to the drive to Austin.


Status: Locale
Population: None
Founded: 1925

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How to Get Here:
Carroll's is a former road side station site in southwestern Lander County, 38 miles west of Austin, 67 miles east of Fallon. Take SR 722 east from US 50 for 21 miles to the site on your right.