High Rock Canyon

Washoe County
  41.22732, -119.49161

"Three hours and 14 minutes later I find myself at Marker 149 ... or, what's supposed to be its "site." Not a single stub of a post ... not a single depression! And this was no walk in the park. I doubt any hints remain of what used to be here. "When," I get back I'll have quite a bit of coding to do. All I know now is it's time to set up camp, in grave disappointment. But, at least I won't be expecting any company tonight. Maybe that's enough reason for any gravel in our travel." -- Journal Entry, June 2009

According the State Marker System, the location for this marker reads as follows ...
"Located at the road to High Rock Canyon."
Today, this marker is currently missing.

Precise Directions: At the junction of CR 34 and the BLM Road to High Rock Lake, 41 miles north of Gerlach, 40 miles south of Cedarville

Original Date Visited: 6/21/09

Last Confirmed: 6/3/13

Signed: No

Currently Missing -- Last Seen: May 2003

This marker's remote location is the main cause behind its disappearance. The only hint of news we've heard regarding this case was reported in 2005 when hunters came upon the remnants of the marker's base at the exact listed location: County Route 34 and the BLM road to High Rock Canyon. The road headed for the High Rock turnoff - unpaved County Route 34 - is a rather walk in the park, but it's the area's isolation is what separates the men from the boys. Nevada's "forgotten corner" is set far away from what most of America would dub as civilization, one of the last triangle of unbrokenness at the northeast California, southeast Oregon, and northern Nevada. And let me say with the utmost pride that conquering, or even making the long drive to confirm its disappearance, will require dedication and a long three-hour drive on the wide-graded dirt road into the great interior of this corner.

On our "conquering" in 2009, we noted the distance without a single diversion to insure the exact mileage is correct as listed above. Once leaving the security of Gerlach, anybody new to the region will be immediately taken away by the area's sudden loneliness. What makes #149 such a challenge to conquer are the complete lack of services, gasoline, and cell phone coverage immediately upon leaving Gerlach, Winnemucca, or Cedarville - depending on which direction you are coming from. To confirm this marker's absence, we actually made a "quick" sidetrip for this road junction after conquering [162] -- Camp McGarry in 2013. As expected, the "short" 1.5 hour detour proved fruitless as we approached the empty junction with still no marker in sight. Due to its isolation factor, it's highly doubtful this one will be replaced again, with the exception that perhaps the SHPO will re-locate it at much more "civilized" area such as Gerlach or the end of pavement of County Route 34. As such, I need to advise all marker hunters to be prepared by taking all the regular precautions for lonely desert travel. Perhaps this addage applies better to this area than anywhere else in Nevada: You are on your own ... as is this marker!

  • Welcome to Black Rock Country!
  • The wild and scenic High Rock Canyon in the far reaches of Washoe County
  • 19th century pictographs courtesy of an emigrant traveler.  Find this unique set of pictographs deep within the defiles of High Rock Canyon!

Exact Description:
The presence of man from 3,000 B.C. to the gold-rush days is recorded on high canyon walls. Prehistoric man left his rockshelters, campsites, and petroglyphs in this historically rich, remote, volcanic area.

Northern Paiute Indians roamed these lands when John C. Fremont first journeyed through high rock canyon in 1843. The Applegate brothers blazed their trail from Oregon through the canyon to the Humboldt River in 1846. Peter Lassen partially followed this route in 1848, and gold seekers crowded the trail in 1849.

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