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"Interesting site. Sitting here on the creek, I've concluded that years before ... rewind maybe ten or fifteen years ... before the housing boom hit Reno, this was probably an ideal location for this marker. The town site of Galena is now buried by suburbia. Considering its close proximity to private property and although the owner doesn't seem to mind visitors to the marker, we can probably regard this one as endangered. An endangered historic marker? Stranger things happen in Nevada everyday." -- Journal Entry, July 2007

Along Callahan Ranch Road, 1.5 miles south of (Mt. Rose Hwy) SR 431
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Original Date Visited: 7/10/07

Signed: No

Notes: Reno's rapid growth has placed this marker in a highly residential outskirt of the city. Fortunately, [212] is still present and accounted for at the original spot it was stood over two decades ago. The times have changed in Reno's growth! Due to expansion over the years this marker now sits right in front of private property and what appears to be a large "pullout" directly in front of the marker is actually somebody's driveway. This is a no brainer. Please refrain from using the pullout directly in front of the marker! Fortunately Washoe County Parks did us a service by placing a parking area for the Galena Creek walking path right across the street.

  • Notice the bridge and trees in the center b.g.  This is Galena Creek within a few yards of this marker
  • Marker 212 plaque
  • This ones a lonely marker that sits well away from Renos beaten path

Exact Description:
Galena had a dual personality. It was developed in 1860 as a mining property by R.S. and Andrew Hatch. The Hatch brothers quartz mill and smelter were among the earliest erected on this side of the Sierras. The gold float from the local mines contained a heavy admixture of lead sulphide, "galena," which caused the mining operations to be non-paying, but the mills continued to operate, processing ores from the Comstock mines. The severe winter of 1864-65 interrupted freighting to Virginia City, and the ensuing mining depression forced the Galena mills to close.

The town also developed into an important lumbering center. Eleven sawmills were operating by 1863, and Galena boasted stores, lodging houses, a justice court, a school which doubled as a community hall, saloons, and dozens of homes. After two disastrous fires in 1865 and 1867, Galena was abandoned.

[212] Galena was one of twenty markers to receive a nice refresh in May 2010. Notice the difference in paint color between these images and the ones above. Notice the road climbing up the hill in the background. This road leads up to all that's left of the old town - a set of mine dumps.

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