Lake Mansion


Lake Mansion

Reno & Washoe County
  39.52264, -119.81585

"I've concluded that there is Nevada, and then there is Reno. By her lonesome, torn between the status quo of modern progressive and leaving things as they are. Reno looks to the past as much as it does to the future ... in the best ways she can. Reno doesn't brand itself on the "cleanest," "brightest," or "fanciest" city. It is the "biggest," however ... "biggest" in a worldwide perspective. #227 conquered."
-- Journal Entry, August 2007

250 Court Street -- Reno
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Original Date Visited: 8/25/07

Signed: No

  • The Lake Mansion in the shadow of downtown Reno
  • Marker 227 plaque

Exact Description:
Home of Myron C. Lake, founder of Reno, this structure was built in 1877 by Washington J. Marsh. Entrant: National Register of Historic Places."

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