Virginia & Truckee Railroad Right of Way

Reno & Washoe County

"There may not be much left of the V&T here in Reno but it's here ... in this small patch of green grass smack dab in the middle of Reno's urban jungle. Even more impressive is where it's been located. This proves that the City of Reno is making an effort to remember its roots. Say what you will but Reno overcomes its obstacles and never forgets its past. This might very well separate this city from the countless others in the United States." -- Journal Entry, September 2007

Along S. Center St, 0.1 mile north of Virginia St. -- Reno
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Original Date Visited: 8/24/07

Signed: No

Notes: One wrong turn. That's all it takes to miss [248]. Ten minutes. That's how long it'll take you to get back to this one after you're one wrong turn. Let's do this.

- Plot your way to S. Virginia and S. Center Sts. You'll find two immediate intersections from this point in which you have less than a second to react. Be sure to stick to the left onto S. Center being careful not to stray onto Holcomb Ave! Stay to the left at all times. Holcomb will be on your immediate right (straight ahead) while S. Center sort of canters to the left. You won't even see this marker if you happen onto Holcomb Ave. Once you pass it, it's a long detour back to your starting point because of all the one-way streets Keep in mind that you must be on S. Center to conquer this marker. Good luck!

  • [248] Marker 248 in central Reno
  • [248] Kudos to the City of Reno for making this cozy little park
  • [248] Marker 248 plaque
  • [248] The Virginia & Truckee Railroad lives!
  • [248] Marker 248

Exact Description:
Soon after Chinese laborers graded this section during the summer of 1871, track gangs commenced laying rail south, reaching Steamboat Springs by late October. To celebrate the occasion, numerous residents rode an excursion train to Steamboat on Nov. 7. Nine months later Superintendent Henry M. Yerington drove the last spike a mile west of Carson City on Aug. 24, 1872, connecting Virginia City with Reno by rail. Although regularly scheduled passenger service didn't begin until Oct. 1, the first through train traversed the 52-mile route on Sept. 1, 1872--the last steamed by here on May 31, 1950.

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