Governor Emmet Derby Boyle

Reno & Washoe County

"Once again, the SHPO offers little help in its directions. "437 Stoker Avenue" doesn't say much. Neither does the entrance gate to the Mountain View Cemetery. I guess I was expecting Governor Boyle's plot to be highly decorated, but no ... not in the slightest. But that's not even the problem. For such a significant marker, you'd think the SHPO would do a little better listing its whereabouts? Nope. Not in the slightest. Help Wanted." -- Journal Entry, November 2008

Inside Mountain View Cemetery -- Reno
* Access W. 4th St, then north on Stoker Ave *

Original Date Visited: 11/1/08

Signed: No

A Toughie, but Goodie!
The SHPO lists the directions for [265] as ... "437 Stoker Avenue, Mountain View Cemetery." This address tells us nothing because there is no "437" posted anywhere. Welcome to Mountain View Cemetery. Is it ironic that the most difficult marker to find in Nevada is located in the depths of urban Reno? After all, trying to locate a single slab of stone within a cemetery is no easy task. We inquired about the marker's location with one of the groundskeepers and from his reaction we weren't the first who needed help. Oh, and this 4-acre cemetery is far from small and quaint.

Fortunately the roads are signed within the cemetery grounds to aid visitors in finding certain plots. That being said, make your way to "Sequoia." Follow this road for about 3/4 mile to "Juniper." Park here and and find Governor Boyle eight plots north of the marker itself. Our quest has taken us into the great wide open of Nevada, over scenic mountains, and into some of the most remote country in search of marker. The thought of the "most challenging to find" inside of an urban cemetery leaves quite a bit to be desired. Nevertheless, Kudos for this terrific placement!

  • [265] Hidden Marker 265
  • [265] Marker 265 plaque
  • [265] Governor Boyles plot
  • [265] Marker 265
  • [265] Marker 265

Exact Description:
Eight grave sites to the north rests Emmet Derby Boyle (1879-1926), the first native-born Governor of Nevada, serving from 1915 to 1923. Born in Gold Hill, Boyle was also the first graduate of the University of Nevada to become Governor, and at age thirty-five he was the youngest person to hold the highest office of the State.

Boyle was the son of State Senator Edward Dougherty Boyle and Sarah Donoghue Boyle. As Governor, Emmet Boyle is known for his work on Nevada's water laws and for introducing the state's first executive budget. A strong supporter of women's rights, Boyle called the Nevada Legislature into special session in 1920 to ratify the 19th amendment to the United States Constitution granting women the right to vote.

Emmet Boyle died in Reno on January 3, 1926 and is buried next to his wife Vida McClure Boyle whom he married in 1903.

Marker 265 represents Nevada's youngest governor.

   Marker Superlative
[265] is the Nevada historical marker most difficult to locate

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