Nevada Northern Railway


Nevada Northern Railway

White Pine County

"It figures. I would make it out here when the museum is closed for the season. Even so, a better placement for #100 would be at the East Ely Train Depot, not locked away on the museum grounds?" -- Journal Entry, March 2008

On the grounds of the White Pine Museum -- Ely
* Find this one facing Aultman Street from inside the museum grounds *

Original Date Visited: 3/13/08

Signed: No

Notes: Here's one of the more interesting placements in the system and one that's easily missed! Aside from its lack of signage, this one can be a downright nuisance because it sits behind bars, yup, about twenty yards behind them from Aultman on the grounds of the White Pine Museum! If the museum is closed, you can view this marker from the sidewalk. Unless you don't mind seeing it from the sidewalk, try to plan your trip in mid-summer when the museum is open to visitors: 8am to 4pm, Tuesday through Saturday.

  • [100] Marker 100 on the grounds of the White Pine Museum in Ely
  • [100] All Aboard the Northern Nevada Railroad!
  • [100] All Aboard the Northern Nevada Railroad!

Exact Description:
Mark Requa's Nevada Consolidated Copper Company built a 150-mile line from Cobre on the Southern Pacific to Ely in 1905-06 to haul ore from Copper Flat mines west of Ely.

Ore was loaded into railroad gondolas at Copper Flat for the trip to the smelter at McGill, over a double-track trestle 1720 feet long. The trestle burned in 1922 and was replaced with an earth fill.

Passenger service and the "school train" carrying McGill youth to Ely High School ended in 1941. Copper ore still moves over the railway between the Copper Flat pit and the McGill concentrator and is still shipped out to Cobre. Freight trains also occasionally still ply the track between Ely and Cobre on the Southern Pacific and Ely and Shafter on the Western Pacific.

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