Ward Mining District

White Pine County
  39.08863, -114.75271

"... And it isn't hard to imagine some hard working folk in these hills. A town over here, and a mini-city over there. All that sits in between are snakes ... and I'm not talking about the rattling king." -- Journal Entry, March 2008

Along US 6/50/93, 12 miles south of Ely
* At the junction with the BLM road to the Ward Charcoal Ovens *
This marker shares its site with [99] -- Taylor

Original Date Visited: 3/14/08

Signed: Dual signed with [99]. Both lanes of US 6/50/93

  • [54] Marker 54 and the Egan Range in the background
  • [54] Marker 54 south of Ely

Exact Description:
The ghost town of Ward, in the foothills of the Egan Range, lies some eight miles west of here. Booming from 1876 until 1882, with a peak population of 1,500, Ward was somewhat of a lawless mining camp. Early killings did occur, but justice was meted out by the vigilante committee and the hanging rope.

A million dollars worth of silver was taken from a single chamber of the Ward Mine, yet the abandoned house was used for the first school and no movement was ever started to build a church.

The town was abandoned by the late 1880s, but new discoveries and better mining methods prompted a resurgence of activity in 1906 and again in the 1960s.

41 grave plots are all that are left to mark this important 19th-century mining camp.

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 [99] -- Taylor 

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