Copper Country


Copper Country

White Pine County
  39.2831, -114.96415

"What a pit! The Robinson District was no doubt one of the most prolific in Nevada history. Kennecott was to Nevada as the Klondike was to Alaska. The Last Great Rush." -- Journal Entry, May 2008

Along US 50, 2.7 miles west of Ely at Ruth Junction.

Original Date Visited: 3/10/08

Signed: Both lanes of US 50

Marker History
Marker 9 is a fine commemoration of eastern Nevada's amazing copper boom - a time and place known locally as the "age of Kennecott." The SHPO felt it necessary to dedicate an historic marker to this great era and for years it was left alone. NDOT touched it up here and there over time and it remained one of the only stone markers to have never received a metal plaque fitted over its etching. Its original lettering survived many decades of the rough Nevada elements and its location at the Ruth intersection has been perfectly suited, not to mention one of the nicer views in the area!

  • [9] Marker 9 before its disappearance in 2011
  • [9] Former Marker 9 and the Robinson Pit in the background
  • Marker 9 plaque

Exact Description:
The famed open-pit mines of eastern Nevada, including the Liberty Pit, largest in the state, are located two miles south of this point. Through the first half of the 20th century, this area produced nearly a billion dollars in copper, gold and silver. The huge mounds visible from here are waste rock which was removed to uncover the ore.

Two miles east of here near Lane City, was the Elijah, the first mine discovered in the Robinson Mining District. Lane City, originally called Mineral City, was settled in 1869 and had a population of 400. At Mineral City was the Ragsdale Station, one hotel and stage station.

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